DragNation Season 3

DragNation Season 3 is coming up pop it in your diaries. This year the theme for Dragnation Season 3 is Marriage Equality or simply “Marriage”.
The heats for NSW are 8th, 15th and 22nd of October and one finalist on Oct 29th will be selected to represent at the 3rd National Grand Final, held at Flamingos Dance Bar in Tasmania on the 17th February 2018.
To register your interest contact Glenn or Kat at

Vote Yes!!

The Australian Marriage Equality survey is on it’s way and it’s time to make HISTORY Australia. Be on the right side of History by voting Yes to Marriage Equality.

Key dates and reminders are:

Thursday, 24 August 2017 (midnight local time) – The Commonwealth Electoral Roll closed for new enrolments or changes to enrolments for this survey.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 – Mailing of forms and collection begins.

Monday, 25 September 2017– All survey packages (which have a staggered delivery schedule) should be received by this date. Please do not contact the ABS until after the 25 September if you have not received your form in the mail. Telephone and online response options open for people who cannot complete the paper survey. Survey forms available for collection in capital city and regional locations.

Friday, 20 October 2017 (6pm local time) – Final day for requesting or picking up replacement survey forms, or for requesting a Secure Access Code to access telephone and online response options.

Friday, 27 October 2017 – Please mail your form back to the ABS by this date to make sure it counts.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017 (6pm local time) – The survey closes. If your survey is received after this, it will not be counted.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 – Survey results published on the ABS website. The Australian Statistician will publish a statement on the quality and integrity of the survey.


Get ready to plan your Big GAY Weekend this long weekend. we are throwing a YES!!! weekend to remember!!

Kickstarting Friday September 29th at our “Together We Can” party Join Verushka Darling as Hostess with Let’s Talk About Sex from 8pm followed by the amazing shows The Electric Heels and The Glimmers starring Minnie CooperHannah Conda & Vanity.
DJ Mickey in the Public Bar, DJ Simon Rooke in the Cockatil Bar followed by Jimmy James and DJ Johnny Blue Boy in the VIP Bar.

Super Saturday is the “Love Wins” party with hostess Marilyn Mootrub and our gorgeous cast Charisma Belle, Decoda Secret & Carmen Geddit starring in Belle and the Beasts and Y2Gay.
DJ Simon Rooke in the Public Bar, DJ Dom De Sousa in the Cocktail Bar followed by DJ Mickey and DJ Tom Pritchard in the VIP Bar for Circuit Saturday

Sunday Funday we have our YES! Party with all three levels open till late. In the Public Bar from 8pm Polly’s Follies starring Polly Petrie with her very special guest Charisma Belle followed by Minnie Cooper with Minnie’s Mime for your Life from 11pm.
DJ Shanie D in the Public Bar, DJ James Tobin in the Cocktail Bar followed by DJ Tanner Derrby and DJ Tom Pritchard in the VIP Bar

Monday Madness we throw our “Equality Party” hosted by Charisma Bellewith shows and entertainment.

Sydney Pride Festival

Sydney Pride Festival 2017
“Together we can!”
The Sydney Pride Festival 2017 “Together we can” will launch at Stonewall Hotel on Thurs 9th June and run until the 28th June.
This year’s Pride theme is “Together we can”. The Pioneers have lead the way and fought for our rights and together we can come forward and create an Equal future. The LGBTIQ community are all under one fabulous Umbrella and together we can bring change. Together we can achieve marriage Equality. Together we can achieve human Equality. Together we can achieve total Equality.
Sydney Pride Festival is a time to pass on the history and raise awareness and education of our LGBTQI Charities. This year we will be putting a focus on the strength of our Community in our pursuit for acceptance and Equality. Together we can reach out and help those struggling with Sexual identity, bullying, drugs or just feeling that life is too hard to stand strong and ask for help. Together we can pass on our knowledge and learn from each other the importance of Standing Together in Solidarity. This is Pride!
The Sydney Pride Festival is a special time for the LGBTQI community as we remember the history and celebrate the present and look forward to a day when everyone is Equal. Sydney Pride Festival is a not for profit event which supports a wide range of LGBTQI Charities, Organizations and businesses. This Sydney Pride festival will include events throughout Sydney that are fun and affordable for everyone. The events will raise much needed funds for Charity and showcase our community and achievements.
This is a time to remember The History of the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of Gay liberation as we know it. The Sydney Pride festival is dedicated to those that lead the way back in 1969 who fought for equality and human rights and the incredible strength of our friends who marched in the first Sydney Mardi Gras in 1978.
Homosexuality is still illegal in many countries and the right to love and the choice to marry our partners in Australia still evades us. The Sydney Pride festival is a time for us to stand strong with our community, family and friends. Together we can bring change and acceptance.
The festival will feature Art, Cinema, Trivia, Debates, Sports, Fundraising activities and Club events across Sydney. The Sydney Pride Festival would like to thank the volunteers, event organizers, sponsors and LGBTQI community and all our friends for all their support.
Calling on all our LGBTQI friends and supporter to Stand Strong and together we can make a difference.
Enjoy the festivities!
Glenn Hansen
Sydney Pride Festival


Malebox 19th Birthday

Malebox is Sydney’s hottest pick up night and started at Stonewall 19 years ago.

Come celebrate with us on Wednesday 24th May from 9pm.

Join your hostess Marilyn Mootrub and Malemen Peter and Andy for a huge Birthday night.

Special performances from Boys Bar Up Rhys and Lucas. DJ Shanie D Sydney and Ryan John.

Minogue Mansions

‘On a Night Like This’ it’s time for a ‘Celebration’ our very own pop princess Kylie Minogue celebrates her 49th Birthday.

We are asking ‘All the Lovers’ to get in touch with their ‘Red Blooded Woman’ and ‘Come into my World’ with Kylie ‘Fever’ at Stonewall Hotel.

‘What Kinda Fool’ would miss this Kylie extravaganza. If you miss it there will be surely “Tears on my Pillow” so put your ‘Hand on your Heart’ and start “Spinning Around” you might even find “Love at First Sight”.

This night is ‘Espiecially for You’ Kylie Lovers. Remember ‘Your DIsco Needs You’



Come along and help us raise funds for The Leukaemia Foundation and celebrate Donna Dutchme- Winner of Dragnation Season 2 national tour!
Supported by S 1 Winner Aysha Buffet and Sydney Local Charlamaine!!
Raffles on offer with some great prizes from Cryo Sessions for your health, suprises from Stonewall, Addicted Apparel and more!
Tickets only $5

Eurovision 2017

Join the beautiful and entertaining Tora Hymen for everything Eurovision 2017 at Stonewall Hotel.

Watch the main event in the Stonewall Diva Bar and cheer Tora Hymen on stage as Polly’s special guest at Polly’s Follies.

We will screen the event on the Diva Bar Television as we cheer on Australia and our European sisters for the Eurovision crown.


ANZAC Day at Stonewall join Hostess Polly Petrie with DJ Victoria Anthony at our Annual Uniform Party.

Lots of competitions like Best ABs, Sexy Sailor & plenty of entertainment throughout the day. Starting from 1pm.

Followed by Karaoke hosted by Maxi Shield at 10pm

On the day we will be collecting donations for Soldier On. Soldier on is a national not-for-profit focused on providing veterans and their families with support services such as free counselling sessions with our in-house psychologists, employment and education support to help veterans and their families successfully transition from the Defence Force back into our community and social connected programs to help veterans and their families reconnect with themselves, each other and the wider community.

Easter Sin City Weekend

Easter is the time for Redemption and here at Stonewall it’s time to wash away your sins. After a weekend of:


Give into temptation, do not sit at home and be a sloth. Come join the fun of the four day weekend!!

Watch the gorgeous pride of the Bad Bunny Boys on Thursday. Unleash your Lust with Hannah Conda and Victoria Anthony on Good Friday. Envy the the beauty of our Call Girls drag show on Saturday starring Minnie Cooper, Decoda Secret and Carmen Geddit. Feed your inner Glutton with a giant juicy Dick’s Diner meal. Repent your sins and feel the wrath of Sunday with Church at Polly’s Follies. If you need more to satisfy your greed then come back Monday and enjoy the entertainment of Hannah Conda and our awesome DJ who will keep you entertained all night long