DJ Victoria Anthony 

Expect to hear an array of fun party tunes when transgender DJ, Victoria Anthony is behind the decks. An exclusive fusion of club mixes, fresh pop and timeless tunes. She also doubles up as a showgirl and likes to keep both her DJ sets and shows sexy, camp, and energetic. Her passion for music developed at a young age with the encouragement from her mother to join local youth entertainment groups. This led to the completion of her Bachelor of Music (Honors) degree at The University of Western Sydney in 2011, majoring in Musicology.

It came time to celebrate her graduation from university. Victoria found herself out and about on the Sydney gay scene every weekend. Dancing in the darkness until dawn, to all the fabulous tunes played by the local gay and lesbian DJ’s. She always left the clubs feeling amazed by the DJ’s who brought such a great atmosphere to the clubs. This inspired her to save up for her own DJ decks and enter a DJ competition at Stonewall Hotel in 2012 in which she was a finalist.

Shortly after, she spent 2013 in New York City where she was exposed to a variety of music, and the diverse nightlife the city has to offer. Through her participation in a nude music video shoot, she was given the unique opportunity to DJ regularly at raunchy gay and transgender sex parties in NYC. Returning to Sydney in 2014, she has played at the Mardi Gras after party at Moore Park and a variety of clubs in Sydney. All she ever wants is to be happy, and share her passion for performance and DJing with a fun crowd.

Victoria won Sydney’s Favorite DJ at the 2015 DIVA Awards


DJ Simon Rooke

In 2015 Simon decided to take his DJing from being a hobby and turn it into something far more serious by entering the Mardi Gras Spin-Off DJ competition.

After being selected as one of eight finalists – and the challenge of then playing a tight ten minute set in the Stonewall VIP Bar, also broadcast on OX Live radio, for the finals of the competition – Simon was selected as a winner which saw him immediately go on to play on the 2015 Mardi Gras Sunset Cruise.

Simon has since become a resident DJ at the very venue that hosted the event that he won: Oxford Street’s iconic Stonewall Hotel, and can be heard playing the freshest commercial tracks and favourites in the Public Bar and delighting audiences with banging vocal, progressive and electro house in the Cocktail and VIP bars upstairs.

In May 2015, Simon played alongside Sydney legend DJ Sveta at the ‘YES to Equality’ party hosted by Sydney Queer Irish on the historic night of the Irish marriage equality referendum.

Two other Sydney favourites, Kinselas Hotel and Beresford Sundays, have also been hosts to Simon’s sets.

With a lifelong love of music and a background in Engineering, Simon revels in DJing as both an artistic and technical pursuit, with the enjoyment of the audience always the foremost priority, whether it be cruisy deep house for evening cocktails or floor-shaking club anthems that get the crowd’s hands in the air in the small hours of the morning.

DJ Ryan John

Ryan John is a Stonewall regular, pumping tunes for Wednesday night’s Malebox and keeping crowds dancing late into Friday and Saturday nights.

DJing for Ryan John switched from an at-home hobby to public performances at the end of 2015. A series of DJing competitions gave him the boost needed to break into the world-famous venues of Sydney and beyond. His appearances at semi regular parties and weekend venues still adds a refreshing energy to exciting nights out.

Ryan John’s style is varied – while he most enjoys playing circuit beats, his ability to find dance and house remixes of popular songs both new and old will blow you away. While dancing to all things house is the virtue of the Oxford St regular, Ryan John’s taste spans from circuit and progressive house right through to deep house, tech house and even techno.

Ryan John describes DJing as a creative outlet, with DJ hours being added to the ‘life’ side of the work-life balance. Every shift gives him enjoyment and that’s audible in his music selection and attention to technical detail.


Born with beats coursing through her veins, DJ Du Jour has made a remarkable impact on dance floors all over Australia since winning the 2011 Sydney Mardi Gras DJ Competition.

She has a unique edge, offering a raw and ubiquitous talent, her entrancing sets are a notably eclectic style of music ranging from arena style vocal house and deep, dark alluring velvet beats through to engaging and energy fuelled progressive and electro house.
First and foremost Du Jour knows her crowds and how to captivate them – how to tease them, throw their hands in the air, make their bodies heave, entice their ears and leave them wanting more. She has a serious knack for knowing what the crowd before her want, what the venue and promoter desires, and delivers in ways that can only be seen, heard and felt.

Du Jour is a regular in the Sydney scene, covering events and iconic venues, as either a resident or regular including; Slide, Arq Sydney, The Colombian, The Star Casino, I Remember House at The Ivy & The Beresford Hotel. Interstate, Du Jour has taken Brisbane and Melbourne by storm, headlining major events and venues like Midsumma T-Dance, The Greyhound Hotel, Pinkalicious/Sundaylicious, LezFest and the Brisbane Pride Festival.

2015 saw her touring the USA, where Du Jour delivered sets for capacity crowds in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, she is in final preparation for another tour of festivals in 2016.

Talking festivals and celebrations… Du Jour was part of the festivities at both the 2013 and 2014 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras as one of the DJs gracing the decks at the world renowned After Party and exclusive Pool Party at The Ivy. Further to this, Du Jour was just recently a headlining act at 2015 Mardi Gras Harbour Party and Laneway Parties. Recently she has returned from the USA after wowing crowds in Las Vegas for Dinah Weekend.

DJ Du Jour is your DJ for the night or day.

DJ Johny Blue Boy 

DJ Johny Blue Boy is the quintessential crowd pleaser. With his range of styles he quickly reads an audience and gives them what they want! always delivering fun, sexy, hands in the air beats blended from mixed genres, Commercial pop, Vocal house, progressive house and anthems. Often seen in visually spectacular costumes Johny is a failsafe for uplifting happy times on the dance floor.



DJ Murray Hood

As one of the Australia’s most versatile and respected DJs, Murray has played to crowds of 50 in a small cocktail bar setting, or to throbbing crowds of over 8000 in the main room at Sydney’s infamous Mardi Gras After Party. Most likely you will hear him playing the finest pick of the latest house tracks, but he is also known for his crushing selection of trance, tribal, funky, electro, disco and progressive.

Murray is also half of the production duo Oxford Hustlers with Brett Austin. Along with an ensemble of chart hitting remixes, their debut single with Katherine Ellis “Love U More” was released in November 2010 on Fierce Angel Records (UK).

Notable venues and parties Murray has played at: Mardi Gras Party (2005, 2008, 2011), Sleaze Ball (2007), Tropical Fruits (2010), Azure Harbour Party (2005), Red Raw (2006), Fierce Angel (Resident DJ), Matinee, Raw Hide, Inquisition (2009), Rogue.

DJ Dom De Sousa 

DJ Dom de Sousa is no stranger to the sydney club scene and has also played at some of Australia’s best clubs & bars including: The Ambassador Hotel (QLD), ARQ (Sydney), Chinese Laundry (Sydney), GH Greyhound Hotel (VIC), The Ivy (Sydney), UNITY (Newcastle).

He is known for his ability to get any dance floor pumping with a unique blend of house music that pushes the envelope and keeps crowds guessing. His style of music has seen him booked for some of Sydney’s biggest and best parties including Mardigrasland, Daywash & Homesexual. Dom will make any night one to remember.

DJ Jimmy Dee

Jimmy Dee has performed both nationally & Internationally for over 10 years. He is a multi Diva award winner who has performed along side artists such as, Lady Gaga, Freemasons, Victor Calderone, Bimbo Jones, Tv Rock, Crystal Waters, Inaya Day, Marcia Hines, Zoe Badwi & the list goes on….

Locally he has made guest appearances at Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball, Home Sexual, NaviGaytion Cruises, Crash, DayWash, Queer Nation & Aqua Cruise parties.
Jimmy’s style of music ranges from vocal/uplifting/funky/electro house to retro & classic anthems.

samDJ Sam Huth

Sammy is a Queensland Based DJ who started in late 2010 in the local Gay club. He has worked his way up in that local scene over the past 3 years and held residencies at nearly every G.L.B.T  in QLD.

Flying down to Sydney last year for Stonewalls search for a DJ competition he managed to win the competition and now comes down to spin in Sydney monthly along with his current residencies.  Sam is new to the Sydney scene but is making a name for himself as a DJ that makes any crowd dance

DJ Shanie Davidson 

DJ Shanie D first worked the strip in 1997, starting as a male dancer at the Albury hotel and Caesars nightclub while studying as a full time acting student.

He started DJing in 2000 and has worked at just about all of Sydney’s iconic gay venues including the Albury and Caesars, along with the Beachcamp hotel, Flinders hotel, Slide, Palms on Oxford, Mr Mary’s, Taxi Club, Imperial hotel, Kinselas hotel, Arq, Oxford hotel, Midnight shift and of course, Stonewall hotel. Shanie has worked with most of Sydney’s showgirls and earned himself a great working reputation within the industry along with DIVA nominations for top 5 DJ in 2010 and 2011.
During Shanie’s sets you can expect to see plenty of hands in the air, dance moves and lip sinking to his camp style of handbag tunes – from old school retro through to new age top 40 music.

Shanie won the 2014 DIVA award for Sydney’s Favourite DJ.

DJ Tanner Derrby

Brendan Terry has graced the decks for more than 10 years and has played in clubs in both Sydney and Melbourne.

His style of mixing is often considered a rollercoaster ride of high uplifting house and dirty grinding beats.

You may have heard his sets as supporting acts for Lady Gaga, the Freemasons, Luciana and Mel B.

With 2 Billboard remixes under his belt and upcoming music currently in production, Brendan Terry will be a DJ to keep an eye on!

DJ Tom Pritchard

Since bursting onto the scene in 2011, DJ Tom Pritchard has been keeping dancefloors thumping with his unique progressive/circuit style.
His seamless mixing, energetic style and versatility have earned him residencies at some of the most popular venues around Sydney and seen him quickly become one of the busiest young DJ’s in town.







DJ James Tobin

Arguably at the peak of a decade-long career, James is one of only three DJ’s who perform every week at Sydney’s infamous LGBT nightclub, ARQ Sydney (2008–current) as well as being a regular performer at Stonewall Hotel (2010 – current), both venues forming part of James’ extensive club-residency list including The Shift Club (2008 –2011 | 2015 – 2017), The Oxford Hotel (2007–2010), Colombian Hotel (2010 – 2017), e11even, The Burdekin, The Gaff and The Imperial Hotel. He also regularly appeared as a guest DJ at iconic nightclubs such as HOME Nightclub, Trademark, Goldfish, Tunnel, SlyFox and more, shared stages with names like Freemasons, Bimbo Jones, Ultra Nate, Offer Nissim, Katherine Ellis, Peyton, Luciana, Oxford Hustlers to name a few.

James’ music and sets have also been broadcast on radio through South-East Asia & Europe, while locally he was a regular guest on Sydney radio station, OX Live. James’ debut single in 2013 “Keep It Coming”, written and released with power-house vocalist Carlotta Chadwick (distributed through Stereo Missile Recordings), peaked at #17 on Triple J’s “UNEARTHED” Electronic Chart, and allowed James the opportunity to flex his production muscles a little harder. Attracting remix privileges for the debut single from Australia’s Got Talent runner-up Greg Gould in 2016, he then went on to produce two official remixes for the singer in 2017 -“Euphoria” and “Don’t Let Go”, the latter debuting at #5 on the iTunes Dance Charts. Later in 2017, James teamed up with New Zealand based DJ + Producer Mark Loasby to form production duo Bassment Boys. With high expectations from fans & industry names, the pair remain hard at work in the studio and are set to release their debut original material later this year. James also carries a portfolio of graphic design work, event production and campaign management, a lot of which is still prominent throughout Sydney nightclubs today.  In 2016, James began to focus on producing unique events at a variety of venues, as well as putting energy into creating a studio space and becoming a full time music producer. DJ, Producer, Songwriter, PR Manager, Marketing Guru, Event Producer & Graphic Designer James influence on Sydney’s nightclub scene has been across it all, and looks no sign of slowing down any time soon.

DJ Tom Rogers

From the age of 17, DJ Tom Rogers started DJ’ing for events such as weddings, formals and birthdays. After honing his skills, he started into the club scene providing house, electro, pop & trance tunes. This future crazy cat lady’s interests include Electronics, Technology & Music and loves when those worlds collide.” Feel free to add my website under it (also under construction)




DJ  Greg Boladian



























DJ Jimmy James