Drag Queens

Verushka Darling

Found floating down The Pearl River in a hatbox, and raised by a tribe of international fashionistas, Verushka Darling originally burst onto the Sydney scene as a fashion model de rigueur on the city’s catwalks. A blaze of multi media attention followed, as she was profiled, revealed and reported on in the magazines, newspapers and television programs of the Nation.

Not just a pretty face, Verushka is known for her wit, infectious laughter, intelligence and level of sophistication which, when combined with her theatrical training, off the wall sense of humour, extensive pop-cultural knowledge and camp sensibility, have enabled her to take the stage by storm. The production shows that she has created, have quite literally, changed the face of drag in Sydney

In a groundbreaking move, Verushka became a VJ on MTV. Her show, “Verushka’s Closet” – which she hosted, scripted and associate produced – remained a popular and high-rating fixture on MTV for several years. Not only did she work on her own series, but Verushka also scripted, associate produced and starred in a variety of TV specials for MTV. Her other work for the network included: being a promo-producer for both MTV and VH1; the company copy-writer for MTV Australia; the scriptwriter for shows featuring visiting celebrities, and the scriptwriter for the 2006 & 2007 MTV Australia Video Music Awards. She has also made appearances and played roles in numerous other TV dramas, series and shows as well as the occasional feature film.

Verushka Darling has produced and performed at some of Sydney’s most legendary club nights and dance parties, changing the way we do both, in the process. Her “Sunday Night At Home” was acclaimed “The Best Club Night In The World” at the time by an international clubbing magazine; and the popularity of her “Hey Homo” and “Queer Nation” parties were at one stage blamed by board members of the former SGLMG for the decline in sales of Mardi Gras tickets.

She has received multiple DIVA Awards, several categories of which had to be created to acknowledge the new areas of performance and fields of endeavour that she has opened-up.

An Emcee extraordinaire, Verushka Darling has hosted and performed at many an event, from community to corporate – both at home and around the world – and can quite literally talk underwater, as her hosting of a TV show from inside the shark tank of the Manly Oceanarium can attest.

Performing on stage, screen and everything in between, Verushka has entertained and worked with, for and alongside everyone from: royalty, nobility, statesmen, politicians, celebrities, rappers, rock stars, movie stars, captains of industry, clubbers and people on the street. She has also opened doors into the world of media, pop-culture and the mainstream through which others are now following. You can catch Verushka at Stonewall on Fridays in her cult-hit show “Let’s Talk About Sex”.

Marilyn Mootrub 

Often referred to as “Mooty” or “Moot”, Marilyn Mootrub was born in the alley way behind the iconic Sydney gay venue, Stonewall Hotel.

Marilyn first hit the Sydney scene in 2009 with the help of her partner in crime, Christina Dior. After countless months donning her famous ‘Blonde Bob’, she eventually discovered that it was ok to have different hairstyles.

Her infectious and kooky personality have won the hearts of many, having performed in clubs and major events throughout NSW, NT and the ACT.

Marilyn has been a regular performer at Stonewall Hotel from Pollies Follies to starring in the Friday Productions with the Shimtastic cast and is currently part of the cast of the award winning production show “Drags to Bitches’. Marilyn has appeared in film and tv such as ‘A place to call home’ and ‘Carlotta the movie’.

And in 2015 also appeared in an episode of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. She has appeared with and performed for the likes of Dawn French, Ricky Lee, Elvira, Carlotta and Khloe Kardashian. With Marilyn’s quick and naughty wit, she can be seen as a host for various regular events such as ‘MALEBOX’, Maxi Shields ‘Meals on Heels’ and Stonewall Hotel’s Saturday night Host.

 INSTAGRAM @marilynmootrub

Polly Petrie

Hosted by Polly Petrie “Pollys Follies” began in 1991 at the world famous Albury Hotel. After the Alburys closure Pollys Follies moved to The Venus Room in Kings Cross & made it’s way back to Oxford Street at The Exchange Hotel & since 2004 has been held every Sunday at The Stonewall Hotel.

Pollys Follies is an institution in our community. It is the platform for up & coming new performers to show their talent or lack thereof. Polly provides encouragement, guidance & criticism during each performance whilst drinking from a champagne glass poured from her kettle. Always enjoying the amazing company of a leading entertainer every week.

Pollys is all about a good time, a fun time & of course, A GAY TIME.


Minnie Cooper 

Minnie was abandoned as a baby and left in the doorway of Arq Nightclub. Thankfully, she was adopted and raised by drag queens who taught her everything about miming, glitter lipstick, platform heels and everything in between.

She is now the queen of Sydney’s premium club Arq, producing award-winning shows and driving Sydney’s partygoers wild with excitement. She has produced and choreographed many large-scale spectacles at events such as Mardi Gras and Sleaze Ball, and has worked with stars including Jimmy Barnes, Kylie Minogue, Tina Arena, David Atkins, Todd McKenney, Rhonda Burchmore and Australia’s most famous drag performer, Carlotta.

She has won more DIVA awards than just about anyone, including Entertainer of the Year 3 times, Sydney’s Favorite Drag Queen and Choreographer of the Year just to name a few. She is still working on winning Venue of the Year.

Minnie’s regular performances can be seen at Arq , The Midnight Shift and Stonewall Hotel.


Bring your sunglasses because, like a diamond in a mountain of coal, Vanity shines brightly. Just like her star on the floor of Stonewall Hotel she will blind and dazzle you with her beauty and glamour. She will mime the guts out of a number and if you’re lucky she might even get the choreography right. But you wont even notice her miss a step because you will be mesmerized by her beautiful face…both of them.

She’s been around for so long that she’s now one of the “old girls”, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. Pickled in vodka lime and soda, Vanity brings the old to the new and back to the old.

She’s got too many talents and credentials to put into a bio, just come and see her. You wont be disappointed….maybe.

Hannah Conda

In 2010, a very impressionable young man stumbled across the amazing world of DRAG! After 5 mins of performing, Hannah was hooked and found an undying love of this fascinating art form.

From being a stand out in the Perth drag circuit hosting and performing regularly, Hannah decided to make a huge move to the big smoke of Sydney in June 2015 where she is already taking the scene by storm.

Hannah has been able to find a way to turn a hobby into what she hopes is a long career. She likes to think of herself as a fearless, creative, dedicated and hardworking performer who is always aiming to give her audiences her all, while still leaving them wanting more.

In 2016 Hannah made history by being the first Queen who won both DIVA Rising Star & Entertainer of the Year in a single year!!

She can’t wait to add a little bit of glitter into the heart of everyone she meets!!

Charisma Belle

Charisma Belle is a  beautiful, multi-DIVA Award winning, Sydney based, Drag Queen. Charisma is a highly-talented dancer, performer, make-up artist and wig stylist, with over twelve years professional drag experience.

The winner of many DIVA awards, with her favourites being Miss Congeniality in 2010 and 2013, her 4 Sydney Favourite Drag Personality awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Charisma was crowned the DIVA Entertainer of the Year in the 2014 awards a well deserved and rewarding award in her career.

This Superstar has performed internationally for Richard Branson as part of the inaugural V Australia flight from Sydney to L.A. and has mingled with the likes of Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz, Marcia Hines, Holly Valance, Jesse Spencer and Anthony Lapaglia.

Charisma has performed countless times in front of thousands on the Mardi Gras main stage along side celebrities such as Adam Lambert and Tina Arena. Not just a star of stage, Charisma is a regular on radio, and has also been featured in print. A cover girl for Central magazine and a feature article in the Daily Telegraph just to name a few and more recently, you may have seen her as a weather girl on channel 7’s Sunrise.

Charisma is excited to be apart of the world famous Stonewall family, and can be seen hosting and performing at the venue regularly. She says next time your at Stonewall ‘ don’t be shy, come over and say hi

Decoda Secret

Decoda Secret has been dubbed “The Fiercest Drag Queen In Sydney” and has performed throughout NSW, NT and QLD, as well as an International appearance in Bali. She has performed alongside artists including Mary Kiani, Deni Hines, Paulini, Toby Allan, Tina Arena, Cindi Lauper and Ru Paul.

She holds multiple DIVA Award Nominations with 7 wins, including “Entertainer of the Year” in 2010, 2011 and 2013

A choreographer for many Stonewall Shows Decoda is an asset to the Drag Industry.

2016 Belle of the Ball

Carmen Geddit








Natasha Knowles 

Arriving in Sydney in 2006, Natasha began pursuit of following her passion for Performance Excellence. She had then been taken under the wing of Sydney’s Grand Dame of Drag, Miss Polly Petrie and placed on stage at Stonewall Hotel in Pollies Follies on Sundays. With her continuous dedication and on going commitment to the art of Drag, Natasha performed at Pollies Follies for over 2 years before Stonewall themselves offered Natasha her very first platform to the claim to fame. Stonewall granted Natasha with an opportunity to produce her own shows that would then be seen on Friday night at the club, before gaining further employment throughout various venues along Oxford Street.

In 2007, Natasha had been employed in almost every venue, every Friday and Saturday night of every week. This continued throughout majority of 2007 which also included such main events as Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Sleazeball, Homesexual Dance Party, Sydney’s Prestigious DIVA Awards and New Year’s Eve countdown (depending on the venue). In light of a booming career, Natasha worked alongside some of Sydney most innovative and legendary drag performers including Minnie Cooper, Charisma Belle, Ashley Swift, Vanity Faire, Tess Tickle, Tora Hymen, Candy Box and the late Beyonce G-Spot (Sascha Fierce) just to name a few.

After gaining succession within 2007, 2008 saw Natasha crowned Miss Fair Day within the Mardi Gras Season further gaining the Prestigious title – DIVA RISING STAR at the DIVA AWARDS that same year. Needless to say the Knowles Express train did not slow down throughout 2009-2012 as she moved onto becoming a well recognised name, a Show Producer and a skilled performer. Natasha currently can be seen at various venues as well as at DIVA FEVER Dance Parties, The Mediterranean Restaurant on Oxford Street, The Midnight Shift, ARQ Sydney and of course her home, Stonewall Hotel.

Maxi Shield 

She’s one, twice, three times a lady- even on heavy days! Maxi Shield is Sydney’s drag de jour.  Perched above that perfectly styled synthetic hair that frames her face, Shield wears a myriad of hats: performer extraordinaire, pole dancing compare, anti-violence safety ambassador and rugby union mascot, to name but a few.   Largely, however, Shield is known as the good girl of drag. Enormously respected by the gay and lesbian community at large for her generous spirit and sense of community, Shield isn’t afraid to run a ladder in her stocking or chip an acrylic nail to help out when her community calls on her boundless talents to raise cold hard cash for charity.

Flying in the face of the seven foot tall drag stereotype, this pocket rocket of a performer knows a high kick from a shimmy and gives great lip……sync.

She has closed a straight Olympics and opened a gay one.

She has performed at Mardi Gras, Sleaze and pretty much anything worth its weight in glitter in between. Whether its on the Aussie shores or International shores, Maxi has been wowing them for over a decade, with a personality as big as her chest, you will know when Maxi is in the room.  Sharing the stage with local and international celebrities…..but no one likes a bragger…

This lady is top shelf talent. Pour yourselves a double shot!!

Coco Jumbo








Pomara Fifth









Sia Tequila









Fran Giapanni  










candyCandy Box 

“Inspirational, Glamorous, Slut, Deliciously Sexy, Professional, Slag and a real Bitch!” (This is how she has been described)

Candy has graced the Sydney Drag World for the last 15 years. She has worked on every Sydney stage from her coming out party at Annie’s Bar to the Albury Hotel, Midnight Shift, Arq, Home Nightclub, NewtownHotel, Imperial, Flinders, Stonewall, Scruffy Murphy’s and Penrith Panthers.

Winning “Bitch of the Year” at the 2004 Diva Awards put her in good company with Sydney’s Best Drag Compere’s. Candy has gone on to win multiple DIVA awards and has hosted the 2004 and 2008 and 2009 and 2012 Diva Awards and performed in the 2002, 2005 and 2007 Awards. Candy has also performed at Sydney’s famous Mardi gras and Sleaze ball parties.

A brief history of Candy includes.

*Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony.

* Mardi Gras performances

*Sleaze Ball Shows

*Diva Awards Ceremonies

*Zurich in 2005

*Host DNA Search for an Underwear Model.

* Navigaytion Cruise

*Host FairDay Sydney 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2011

*Host Mr gay Australia 2000

*Host Priape Underwear Contest

*Shipwrecked Linderman Island

* Search for an International Underwear model 2011.

* Foxtel presenter for Mardi gras broadcast 2011

Candy has shared the stage with Deborah Cox, Katie Underwood, Jimmy Barnes and Grace Jones.

Candy has also worked in the Corporate world with shows performing for Big Day Out, TV Week Logies after party, Small Business awards.

Candy has done 3 British Documentaries on Sydney Lifestyle.

Candy also performed for 2 years in the Stage Show “Light’s Camera’s Chaos at Fox studios Sydney. The show was written by Baz Luhrman and directed by Barrie Koski and designed by Catherine Martin. Candy played the part of the very feisty Diva Carmen Cockatoo.

Candy can currently be seen with Maxi Shield as the hosts of the DVD “Campest Clips ever” with Central Station records available all around the world.


The Polly’s Follies Girls 

The newest upcoming Drag Queens to enter Oxford St showcase their talents every Sunday. Many of our Showgirls and Oxford St well known Drag Queens debuted at Polly’s Follies and are now professional Show Girls. Do you want to be a Polly’s Girl? Just bring a CD or USB along anytime between 7:30-10pm on a Sunday and be a Polly’s Follies Showgirl.