Stonewall Hotel takes its name from the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and the beginning of Gay Liberation as we know it.
Stonewall Hotel is situated at 175 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia in the hub of the gay scene.
Stonewall is a heritage listed building comprising of three levels and four bars these include Public Bar, Cocktail Bar and VIP Bar and DIVA Bar. This Iconic Hotel is also the home to the Hello Darlings Theatre.
Stonewall prides itself on providing a safe, fun, gay and supportive environment that is complimented by our professional friendly staff. Stonewall is a place for everyone and is often referred to as Sydney’s Premier Gay and Lesbian venue.
Stonewall provides entertainment every night of the week, featuring Sydney’s top DJ’s, Drag Performers, Male Performers and Entertainment personalities. Stonewall has a long reputation for featuring the best of Sydney Drag and the hottest Male Performers in town.
This Sydney club is known the world over and plays hosts to visitors from around the world.

Stonewall Hotel has been open for the past 26 years and are strong supporters of the GLBT community and often participate in fundraising events for various charity organizations.
These include ACON, twenty10, BGF and the AIDS Trust.
Stonewall has collected 9 DIVA awards for most popular venue, Honour award for best business at the IVY and many Pride awards.
Stonewall is also a place for visiting International and local Celebrities. Kylie and Danni Minogue, Jean Paul Gaultier, Anna Nicole Smith, Adam Lambert, Sam Smith, Ricki Lee Coulter, Jessica Maulboy and Jimmy Barnes have all enjoyed the Stonewall Experience.
If you are planning on having an amazing night out this is definitely the place for you.

Stonewall the History is remembered the Future is here.


For Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual activists, the word “Stonewall” signifies quite possibly the most important, single landmark on the day that Judy Garland died in the world wide struggle for gay rights.

Most chroniclers of the homosexual rights movement trace the beginnings of the movement’s militant phase to 1969 and New York’s lower-Manhattan (largely gay frequented) Stonewall Bar. There, for the first time on record, homosexual patrons fought back when Stonewall was raided one hot summer night by New York City policeman, who came hoping to arrest gay individuals for engaging in then illegal homosexual acts.

Eyewitnesses claim that the stonewall patrons’ counter-riot began when one burly, Stonewall patron hurled a lidded metal garbage can filled with empty liquor bottles through a police car window.

Ever since that night, Stonewall has been revered as an enduring symbol of the gay militant spark lit that night, which has become a gay/lesbian/bisexual militant conflagration setting America – and the world – aflame with Gay Rights issues and conflicts.